Memphis Meats

Serie „Agriculture Products without Agriculture“: Memphis Meats stellt Fleisch in Bioreaktoren her. „At Memphis Meats, we are transforming the way the meats we love are made. No more antibiotics, E. Coli, fecal contamination and animal slaughter. How do we do this? Instead of removing meats from livestock and poultry, we are naturally cultivating meat from our authentic meat cells in a clean and secure way that’s better for people, animals and the planet. This is the way meat was meant to be. This is the Memphis Meats difference.”

Memphis Meats hat 2018 immerhin 17 Mio.$ Risikokapital eingesammelt. Nach eigenen Angaben ist der Preis pro kg Fleisch von 40.000 $/kg (der erste Hamburger mit diesem Fleisch ging durch die Presse) auf mittlerweile unter 5,3 $/kg gesunken. Die ersten Produkte aus/mit Hähnchen und Ente sind marktreif.

Vorteile nach Meinung von Memphis Meats:

  • „Food from the ground up
    Cells are building blocks of all food we consume and at Memphis Meats they are the foundation of our approach. We make food by sourcing high-quality cells from animals and cultivating them into meat — think of a farm at a tiny scale. We cut some steps from the current process (like raising and processing animals) and bring nutritious, tasty meat to your table.
    By producing meat from the cell level up, we can ensure the highest level of quality at every stage. We aim to keep the benefits of conventional meat while making our products healthier, more nutritious and safer. We want you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It is like having your steak and eating it, too.
  • better for the world
    We’re making meat that is better for animals and that at scale uses significantly less land, water, energy and food inputs. Our process will produce less waste and dramatically fewer greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that the planet will be the ultimate beneficiary of our product.“


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