5 weitere Firmen, die landwirtschaftliche Produkte ohne Landwirtschaft herstellen

//5 weitere Firmen, die landwirtschaftliche Produkte ohne Landwirtschaft herstellen

5 weitere Firmen, die landwirtschaftliche Produkte ohne Landwirtschaft herstellen

Serie „Agriculture Products without Agriculture“: Gelatine, Milch, Fettsäuren und Süßsstoff stellen die hier folgenden Firmen vor – ohne Landwirtschaft.

Geltor – Gelatine ohne Tiere

“Geltor creates designer collagen and other high-value protein technologies that deliver unprecedented functionality and benefits.
From the highest-performing skincare products to haute cuisine-grade vegan gelatin and more, Geltor’s 100% animal-free, category-defining ingredients help brands deliver the high-performance, sustainable and humane products consumers want.”

“Animal products are a thing of the past.”


NotCo – Milch ohne Kühe

“NotCo is combining AI with food-science to craft cutting-edge plant-based foods that deliver unprecedented experiences: Greek Yogurt, Milk, Cheese, Mayo all tasting like the real thing (and even better)”

Erste Produkte sind Milch ohne Milch und Frischkäse ohne Milch, Joghurt ohne Milch soll bald marktreif sein.

www.thenotcompany.com (aus Chile, daher spanischsprachige Webseite)

MiraculeX – Süße ohne Rübe oder Rohr

“We are a food tech company focused on building a new and exciting class of foods around the best tasting and healthiest sweeteners in the world. These sweeteners are natural proteins derived from exotic fruits that evolved to provide sweetness without sugar or negative health impacts.”


Gea enzymes – ungesättigte Fettsäuren durch Enzyme

„MADI works by first breaking the initial protein sequence into fragments. These fragments are then manipulated using MADI’s AI and molecular dynamics simulation.
Through that process, MADI can predict the natural folding pattern for each protein segment as well as the desired folding pattern. Generating ten variations per hour, MADI is then able to refine those candidates for performance using stored and real-time data collected through MADI’s deep learning algorithm until the desired end-result.“

Vorteile aus Sicht von GEA enzymes:

  • Speed
    Compared to other technologies on the market, MADI is 15x faster, meaning it finishes in 2 minutes what would take 30 minutes with the traditional Rosetta based implementation methods.
  • Accuracy
    MADI™ has been proven to be more accurate than the gold standard software currently used to bio-engineer new proteins.
  • Versatility
    MADI™ has a powerful AI, allowing it to learn and rapidly adapt to design proteins and enzymes for a ride range of applications and industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, agriculture, and the chemical industry.


Sugarlogix – Zucker als health food

„We create complex sugars with prebiotic functions. These sugars are not energy sources for the human body; instead, they selectively feed the beneficial bacteria living inside the human gut. This restores balance in the gut microbiome, which in return, promotes the immune system and the nervous system.”


siehe auch Basistext „Wozu noch Landwirtschaft?

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